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Our programs develop graduates with language skills to succeed in any field.

Learning another language is more than a vocabulary list and pronunciation key. It's learning to speak, listen, read and write and it's also learning to understand another culture.


Modern Languages: Bachelor of Arts

Students wishing to satisfy the two semester language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree may do so in any of these languages.

Modern Languages: Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Education Certification

Secondary Education Certifications are offered in the following degrees.

Modern Language: Supported Programs

The Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics supports the following programs.


Four-Year Program Guides

The Classroom & Beyond

After Graduation

In an increasingly multicultural world, employers seek graduates proficient in another language. Our graduates are at work in diverse fields.

Potential Careers Recent Employers
Current Medical Students University of South Dakota
Working on Ph.D. in Mathematics University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Case Manager for Department of Child Safety State of Arizona
Graduate work in Anthropology Western Washington U
Consultant US Government
Katie Kammert Success Story

Success Stories

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to professors and build a meaningful relationship with them; they are an incredible resource that should not be ignored. Katie Kammert, Rapid City, SD