Modern Languages Undergraduate

Lead Effectively

Our programs develop graduates with language skills to succeed in any field.

Learning another language is more than a vocabulary list and pronunciation key. It's learning to speak, listen, read and write and it's also learning to understand another culture.


Modern Languages: Bachelor of Arts

Students wishing to satisfy the two semester language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree may do so in any of these languages.

Modern Languages: Bachelor of Arts with Secondary Education Certification

Secondary Education Certifications are offered in the following degrees.

Modern Language: Supported Programs

The Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics supports the following programs.


Four-Year Program Guides

The Classroom & Beyond

After Graduation

In an increasingly multicultural world, employers in most industries seek graduates proficient in a second or third language. Our graduates are at work in diverse fields.

Potential Careers

  • Current Medical Students
  • Working on Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • Case Manager for Department of Child Safety 
  • Graduate work in Anthropology
  • Consultant
  • In Graduate studies for German

Recent Employers

  • University of South Dakota
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • State of Arizona
  • Western Washington U
  • US Government
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Success Stories

Success Stories

Learning a second language is a valuable skill that can help set you apart as an applicant to any position. Aaron Clem, 2012 Graduate