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Debates that begin in the classroom continue throughout your career.

Set yourself apart with a major or minor in philosophy.


Philosophy: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

A degree in philosophy gives you a strong liberal arts background, along with critical and independent thinking skills valued by many employers. Many students choose philosophy to build a solid foundation for law school.

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Ethics, Law and Society Specialization

Philosophy majors may choose to earn a degree specialization in practical ethics. The ethics, law and society specialization includes classes that emphasize how theories, principles and historical contexts are relevant to practical concerns and current affairs. These studies prepare you for life after college, including careers, professional training and civic engagement. It is especially useful for those interested in:

  • Law
  • Public service
  • Government
  • Nonprofit sector
  • Business

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Four-Year Program Guides

The Classroom & Beyond

  • The Friends of Wisdom is a student organization that welcomes all students with an interest in philosophy. Friends of Wisdom meetings involve lively discussion of selected topics, current events and other matters of interest.

  • The long-range value of philosophical study goes far beyond its contribution to one's livelihood. Philosophy broadens the range of things one can understand and enjoy. It can give one self-knowledge, foresight and a sense of direction in life.

  • Explore how a philosophy major is linked to success in graduate school and your career.

After Graduation

Trained in responsible, independent thought and action, our philosophy graduates are using their skills in the following careers.

Potential Careers
Business Ethics
Computing Theory
Success Stories

Success Stories

I had several professors who were willing to take the time to help me understand a difficult topic and I am extremely grateful for their help. Andrew Hanson, 2014 Graduate