Joseph Mammo“USD is different than other schools because of the availability of on-campus jobs.”

Joseph Mammo -Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Majors: Physics, Computer Science

I chose USD because of the research opportunities the university offers for undergraduate physics and computer science students. In my view, when it comes to tuition and other costs, USD offers the best value for the money.

I am always fascinated by aeronautics, space science and computers. Moreover, I admire Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein for their extraordinary theoretical explanations of nature. My love of physics and computer science dates back to my childhood. I started to experiment with the toys around me and the computer while I was in elementary school. By the time I reached high school I was capable of writing programs, repairing computers and doing relatively more advanced science experiments. It goes without saying that’s why I chose physics and computer science as my majors.

My favorite part about USD is the approachable and supporting professors. My most inspiring class was Modern Physics taught by Prof. Keller. The course helped me to understand Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and Schrodinger Equation which influenced me to choose theoretical physics.

In addition to my studies, I am involved in the in Honors Program, serve as an Events Ambassador for the Honors Association Club, Vice President of the Physics Club and photographer for The Volante.

I have been working in multiple internships including BioSNTR Summer Undergraduate Research and USD’s Computer Science Department as a research assistant. I also had the opportunity to intern for USD’s ITS department doing student computer support.

During March 2015, I organized a demonstration for the Science Olympiad in collaboration with the President of the Physics Club. We showed how physics can be applied in our daily life. The event had a massive turnout, and we inspired middle and high school students.

My post-graduation plan is to become actively involved in research and start working towards a master's degree.

For those considering USD, I would like to assure that you are making a smart choice. You will definitely get the best value for your investment in education.

Lara Bowman“Take advantage of your opportunity to study at USD.”

Lara Boman - Edina, MN
Major: Physics

I chose USD to study and play Division 1 soccer at a school that offers a plethora of academic opportunities. Additionally, USD is much less expensive than other schools I considered.

USD also offers plenty of academic and social opportunities. Unlike what seems to be true at larger schools, I have never felt anonymous.

I'm currently interning at the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in Minneapolis, MN. This experience allows me to shadow a pediatric hematologist-oncologist specializing in leukemia and lymphoma and assist the department in writing the case series "Recognizing and Treating Hyperammonemia from Erwinase.”

In addition to my studies, I am involved in Women’s Soccer, Honors Program, Physics Club and Book Club.

My plan after graduation is to take the knowledge I received from my courses and go into the medical field or medical research.

Nick Weinandt"USD is big enough to have good resources and small enough to have excellent professor relations."

Nick Weinandt - Yankton, SD
Major: Physics

I chose USD because it is big enough to have good resources and small enough to have excellent professor relations. I'm inspired by Professor Yongchen Sun; in his calculus-based physics course, I gained a greater appreciation for physics and decided to pursue it as my major.

My favorite part about USD is the campus. USD is different from other schools because it allows students both great research opportunities and professor relations. I received a Summer Research Stipend with NASA Space Grant, which helps fund my research within the university.

In addition to my studies, I am involved in the Student Government Association. My involvement has made a difference in my college experience because I can make important decisions involving campus issues.

I am currently completing a master's degree in computer science and hope to start my own company.