In addition to these specific scholarships and awards, the Farber Fund makes almost $100,000 available annually for political science/criminal justice majors to attend conferences, participate in study tours and departmental trips, complete internships, travel abroad and carry out research projects.

Daniel Bylander Awards

Available to junior or senior political science majors with a 3.0 or better G.P.A. who graduated from a South Dakota high school.

Carlson Local Government Award

Given to a junior or senior who has taken, and demonstrated an interest in, South Dakota Politics or State and Local Politics.

Comparative Politics Award

Awarded to a student with interest/ability in comparative politics.

Dillon Senior Achievement Award

Awarded to an outstanding senior political science major based on overall performance and potential.

Mary Edelen Internship Award

Given to an outstanding intern working with our political system.

Robert Falk Award

Available to a sophomore or junior South Dakota resident with an interest in state and local politics and having leadership potential.

Farber Fund Scholarships

Available to incoming freshmen and sophomores.

Farber Fund Writing Awards

Available to seniors for outstanding papers of at least 20 pages.

Donald D. Fowler Scholarship

Given to a sophomore or junior political science major based on scholarship, leadership and a commitment to international public service.

Clarence & Sophia Fowler Award

Awarded to a junior or senior political science major who demonstrates superior scholarship and civic leadership potential.

Gene Kimmel Award

Awarded to an undergraduate major with effective communication skills.

Diane Jones Meier Award

Given to an outstanding female major in the department.

Pat O'Brien Student Athlete Award

Awarded to a junior or senior major who participates in intercollegiate athletics.

Philip Roche Service Award

For a criminal justice/political science major who has displayed a sense of community service and a desire to help others and a commitment to such service.

Clyde Saukerson Honors Program Scholarship

Given to a sophomore major in the honors program with a 3.5 or better G.P.A..

Dorothy Schieffer Scholarship

Full-ride scholarship for an outtanding traditional or non-traditional freshman.

South Dakota Municipal League Award

Awarded to a sophomore or junior with an aptitude for, and interest in, local government.

Blair Tremere Scholarships

Available to undergraduates who show promise and responsibility as well as an interest in public service.

Freshman Scholarships

For freshman scholarships see Financial Aid.