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Exploring Human Behavior

Psychologists sort through the pieces of life's greatest puzzle—human behavior. Their goal is two-fold:

  1. To understand, explain and predict behavior.
  2. To apply this knowledge in solving practical human problems.

In addition to providing a strong foundation for graduate studies in the field, a degree in psychology prepares you for a number of related career and graduate study fields such as child development, biology, communications, criminal justice, health care (including medical school), law, philosophy, theology and more. A major concentration in Disaster Response is also available for Psychology majors.


Our program is the most comprehensive in the state of South Dakota; in fact, we've won several national awards for excellence. Our curriculum provides coverage of the core areas of general and experimental psychology as well as exposure to psychological applications in several areas.

ContactUs  Psychology Department Chair
Randal Quevillon, Ph.D.
(605) 677-5351