The College of Arts & Sciences and its academic departments award many different scholarships, which are made possible by the generous gifts of alumni and donors.

Scholarships for first-year students are administered by the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships for students with a declared academic major are typically awarded within the academic departments, so contact the departments directly.

International Opportunity Fund

Undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences can apply for international travel assistance to study abroad. Students may go as part of an independent study-abroad experience or as part of a faculty-led program. Awards usually range between $1,000 and $3,500, with a typical award being $2,000.

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Scholarships by Department

Other Scholarships

Scholarships are also awarded directly by the dean's office. Email with questions about any of these scholarships:

Mary Adams Scholarship

This scholarship honors Mary Adams, Ph.D., who was born in McCook Lake, South Dakota and went on to earn degrees in nursing at Johns Hopkins and Columbia, before receiving her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Minnesota. After a lifetime as a university educator, she retired to her family estate at McCook Lake, first homesteaded in 1872. She and her sister Maud graciously donated this land in 1997 as a permanent nature preserve. Now deceased, Adams provided funds in her will to give scholarships to undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences.

John W. Addie Award

Recipient must be a junior or senior student in the College of Arts & Sciences with a good academic record. Preference is given to a male student from Douglas County, South Dakota. Award may be given to multiple students if funds are available.

Akeley-Lawrence-Norgren Scholarship

This award was established in 1951 by Carl A. Norgren, President of the C.A. Norgren Company in Englewood, California (manufacturers of pneumatic products) and Ernest O. Lawrence in memory of Lewis Akeley, who influenced generations of USD students.

Akeley served as the dean of the Engineering School at USD from 1907 to 1933. One of his most outstanding students was E.O. Lawrence, who later became a Nobel Laureate. The scholarship honors both Akeley and Lawrence. Norgren's name was added to the scholarship after his death.

Recipients must be junior or senior students majoring in earth sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics or computer science. The award is given to multiple students.

Barbara Berggren Stewart Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Robert Stewart in honor of his wife, Barbara. Ms. Stewart was born in Swea City, Iowa in 1911 and graduated from Lead High School in 1929, where she was the editor of the school newspaper, Nugget. She attended USD, graduating in 1933. While here she served as president of Alpha Phi Sorority, was a member of the Alpha Chi Alpha Journalism Society and was editor of the Volante, the Scribbler and the Wet Hen. Stewart was active in school and civic affairs, and maintained her interest in journalism throughout her life. The award is given to students with an interest in journalism. 

Harold E. Brookman Scholarship

This award was established in 1957 with gifts from friends of Harold E. Brookman, Ph.D. at the time of his retirement. Brookman served as professor of applied science at USD from 1921 to 1956.

This annual scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, who at the end of the sophomore year has earned a grade point above the average of the sophomore class, and who through a fundamental understanding of the natural sciences, mathematics and human relations, shows definite promise of leadership in one of the fields of industry.

John W. Carlson Research Grant

This grant will be used to support research by students in the College of Arts & Sciences. Candidates may be either graduate or undergraduate students and must be nominated by a faculty member who will write a reference letter that addresses the student's competence and ability to complete the research. The student must submit a description of the research project and a current transcript.

Thomas J. Carpenter Scholarship

A 1983 graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Thomas J. Carpenter established this scholarship in 2016 to provide assistance to students who demonstrate financial need and are majoring in any program in the college. 

Dean Joseph H. Cash Award for Excellence in Writing

Joseph Harper Cash was a duke research professor of history at USD. He served as director of the American Indian Research Project, the Oral History Center and the Institute of American Indian Studies. He was dean of the College of Arts & Sciences for 10 years. Cash was the author of numerous books and articles on South Dakota history, mining, Indians and oral history.

The awards are given annually to Arts & Sciences students who best demonstrate an ability to communicate ideas clearly through writing. The awards are intended to acknowledge student excellence and encourage the faculty in the liberal arts and sciences to teach writing skills and require written components at all levels of instruction.

Russ and Kathryn Cranston Scholarship

Russ and Kathryn Cranston established this award in 2016 to support students pursuing a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences. First preference is given to a student from Redfield or Yankton, South Dakota. Secondary preference goes to students with financial need. Kathryn is from Yankton and attended USD from 1970 to 1973. Russ graduated with a bachelor’s degree in government in 1973.

Dakota Alumnae Prize for Senior Women

This scholarship was established in 1924 by two USD alumnae, Estelle Bennett Boot (1896) and her sister Estella May Boot (1901). It was re-established in 1981 by G.W. Boot, in memory of his mother, Estelle Bennett Boot. Mary B. Farnham, first cousin of G.W. Boot and niece of Estelle Bennett Boot and Estella May Boot, re-established the scholarship again in 1988.

Earnings generated from this account are used to provide a prize each year for a female member of the senior class who shows the highest ideals of scholarship and citizenship.

Bill and Susan Deter Advancing Science Scholarship

This award supports students enrolled in USD, with preference given to junior and senior students pursuing a degree in one of the College of Arts & Sciences’ natural sciences departments - biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences. Master’s level students in the natural sciences are also eligible.

Monsignor James M. Doyle Scholarship

In 2015, an anonymous donor established this scholarship, which is awarded to students in the College of Arts & Sciences with preference given to humanities majors. Doyle is a former chair of religious studies at USD and a prominent theologian inducted into the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

Duerre Family Scholarship

Established in 2012 by USD graduates C. W. “Bill” and Susan Duerre, as well as their son Blake and daughter-in-law Sharla (Buchholz) Duerre, this award supports students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Joy (Benning) Dyer Neurological Sciences Scholarship

James D. Dyer (’64), Joy (Benning) Dyer and the Dyer Family Foundation established this award in 2014 to support students pursuing an undergraduate degree with an interest in neurological sciences, including the study of neurological disorders, specifically Parkinson’s Disease. Awardees must be graduates of Washington Senior High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Preference goes to students with a 3.5 or higher grade point average with financial need. Joy (Benning) Dyer was a graduate of Washington Senior High School, attended Augustana College and the University of South Dakota.

Hammer Family Sciences Scholarship

Bradley Hammer (B.S. ’77, M.D. ’81) and his brother Bryan Hammer (B.S. ’84, B.S. Med. ’86. M.D. ’88) established this Scholarship in 2015. The award is given to students pursuing a degree in biology, medical biology or chemistry within the College of Arts & Sciences. Preference is given to students from Moody County, South Dakota. The Hammer brothers are both doctors of ophthalmology. Bryan Hammer is also a clinical associate professor at the USD Sanford School of Medicine.

Elbert & Marjorie Harrington Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1969 by Seth Walton, Ph.D. in honor of Elbert and Marjorie Harrington. Elbert Harrington was a professor in the Department of Communication at USD and served as dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 1948 to 1967. His wife Marjorie's main interest in life was educating young people.

This award is given to a deserving junior or senior in the College of Arts & Sciences who exemplifies the qualities of liberal education, a breadth of knowledge and beginning of specialization.

Robert E. Litke Scholarship

In honor of Robert E. Litke, a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders for more than 31 years, this scholarship is given to undergraduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences who are studying to be teachers.

Bruce and Ila Lushbough Scholarship

This award is given to a graduate of a South Dakota high school majoring in one of the sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences, with an interest in attending medical school. Dr. Bruce Lushbough received his B.A. from USD and attended the two-year USD School of Medicine before completing his M.D. at Jefferson Medical College. Ila Lushbough received her B.A. from USD and taught Home Economics in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. 

Nelson Shield Award

This shield is made of the pure copper from Lord Nelson's own flagships, stamped with King Edward's Cipher, E.R. VII, by royal command and provided by the lords of the admiralty. It must not be taken away. It may be used for competition in sports or as an award for regularity, punctuality or any form of achievement, for essays on the empire, sea power, exploration, colonization, citizenship or kindred subjects. It is intended to stand for faith in God, the unity of the British Empire and the importance of duty in all the walks of life.

This award was presented to USD in 1920 by Charles Ernest Coles, a chaplain of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Fort Hays, Kansas. He suggested that the shield be awarded to a student(s) in the College of Arts & Sciences who shall be found to have the highest average in his or her work during their junior year. The name of the recipient is engraved in metal and displayed in a prominent position in the ollege.

Gary A. Oltmans Scholarship

This award is given to students who major in psychology or medical biology in the College of Arts & Sciences. Oltmans graduated from the college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1968. Awards are offered to students based on academic merit or financial need.

Owens Family Scholarship

Glenn D. Owens established this scholarship in his family’s name to assist undergraduate students studying in the College of Arts & Sciences. Glenn is one of eight siblings who grew up in Vermillion.

Rassier Family Scholarship

Established in 2015, this award provides scholarships for juniors and seniors in the College of Arts & Sciences. First preference is given to minority students who are in the upper one-third of their class. 

Willis Schenk Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1986 with a gift from Willis Schenk, a native of Mission Hill, South Dakota and a 1950 graduate of USD. It is awarded to outstanding undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

James Schmulbach Memorial Award

This scholarship was established in 2005 to be used for the benefit of students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences who are involved in summer research experiences in the environment or natural resources. 

Gary and Judy Marx Servant Leader Scholarship Award

The Gary and Judy Marx endowment has been established to provide encouragement and support for students who are eager to continue their education and earn the distinction of becoming servant leaders. Gary Marx, a 1960 communications graduate of USD, and Judy Marx, who holds a 1961 associate's degree from USD, hope that students, wherever they might eventually live and whatever their professions or lines of work, understand the importance of contributing to their local communities and their responsibilities as citizens of the world.

Dean Spader Scholarship

Recipients are students who are enrolled in or accepted by USD and meet all requirements to be a student in good standing. A student who is a recipient one year is eligible for consideration in any other year provided they continue to meet the selection criteria. The recipient(s) will have graduated from a high school in the state of South Dakota and will have financial need. Preferences shall be given to sophomores, juniors or seniors who could not or would not be able to attend college without this scholarship. Recipients shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5+ as a freshman/sophomore, and 3.0+ as a junior/senior. Students must be majors in the College of Arts & Sciences with first preference given to sustainability majors, criminal justice majors or science/math majors with an interest in teaching in South Dakota K-12 schools. The scholarship will be awarded in addition to any other scholarship and shall not be used to satisfy any other scholarship promise, commitment or guarantee made by USD.

Margaret Stansbury Stockton Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1968 at the bequest of Frank T. Stockton of Lawrence, Kansas (a former USD staff member). It is in memory of his wife Margaret, who was known for her leadership skills.

This award is to be made for significant contributions by a student (either undergraduate or graduate) in unpaid services to community projects such as recreation, mental health, hospitals, work with the mentally challenged or minority group work.

Benjamin & Helen B. Treml Scholarship

The Benjamin and Helen B. Treml Scholarship, an endowed fund, was established by Helen Treml in 1995. It was funded by a bequest from her estate, and is to be known as the "Benjamin and Helen B. Treml Endowment." Her expressed intent was that the fund be used for scholarships for students at USD who are "interested in studying engineering or, if available, something to do with traffic, as Benjamin was a dedicated railroad employee during his lifetime."

Applicants must be enrolled in or accepted at USD and meet all departmental requirements to be a graduate or undergraduate student in good standing. Scholarship applicants should include a statement explaining their interest in engineering, traffic or other transportation-related subjects. Research fellowships applicants shall submit a research proposal indicating the relationship of the proposed study to engineering, traffic or other transportation-related subjects.

Glenn E. & Barbara R. Ullyot Scholarship Endowment

Glenn E. and Barbara R. Ullyot established in February 1993 an endowed scholarship fund within the USD Foundation to be used for the benefit of undergraduate students, preferably to be given, but not limited, to students pursuing a degree program in the Department(s) of Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences or Physics, in the College of Arts & Sciences.