Nathan BedoyaNathan Bedoya
Major: B.S. Natural Science Specialization

I greatly appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of my sustainability major. I am continuing my work in the area of sustainability by beginning to pursue a graduate degree focused on sustainability through the master of arts in interdisciplinary studies program at USD. For my master’s research, I will be working with Professor Meghann Jarchow to develop an educational video game that teaches sustainability concepts to students – both undergraduate and K-12. The video game I am developing will teach about responsible resource use and privilege. My master’s work will allow me to combine my expertise in sustainability, graphic design and computer programming to create a product that will give back to society and inspire future generations to pursue sustainable lifestyles.

Michelle CorioMichelle Corio
Major: B.A. Social Science Specialization

I graduated from USD with degrees in political science, sustainability and classical humanities. I've since moved to Washington, D.C., where I accepted a job working as a legislative staffer in the Senate. Working predominantly on policy issues related to agriculture, interior, energy and environment, I have a fantastic opportunity to integrate coursework into practice and tie my multidisciplinary background to real-world issues that affect people in both South Dakota and the U.S.

Don PoeckesDon Poeckes
Major:  B.S. Natural Science Specialization

Since graduation I have been interning at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve through the University of Minnesota. There are several different long term experiments going on at Cedar Creek. For the most part, these experiments explore the ways plant communities respond to varying climate change scenarios, such as elevated carbon dioxide levels, increased nitrogen deposition, elevated temperatures and altered precipitation patterns. Cedar Creek also explores how varying land management practices, such as different prescribed burning treatments, affect plant and forest growth. This position has taught me a lot about ecosystem functioning and the impacts climate change may have on plant community ecology.