Sustainability Undergraduate Programs

Highly Experiential

From the courses to the internship or research, you will be doing sustainability.

Students majoring in sustainability will be prepared to pursue careers in the private sector or government.  Career areas include sustainable practices, natural resource management, renewable energy, community planning, non-governmental organizations and education. 


Sustainability: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Students majoring in sustainability may choose either a Natural Science Specialization or a Social Science Specialization.

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The Classroom & Beyond

After Graduation

Sustainability graduates will be prepared for professional or graduate education, and to enter careers in the following fields.

Potential Careers
Recent Employers
Natural Resource Conservation USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
Environmental Conservation Greening Vermillion
Social Equality Sharing the Dream
Waste and Recycling City of Sioux Falls
Sustainability & Environmental Consulting
Institute for Environmental Assessment
Policy Making and Regulatory
US Congress
Local Foods Heikes Family Farm
Success Stories

Success Stories

Since graduation I have been interning at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve which has taught me about ecosystem functioning and the impacts climate change may have. Don Poeckes, 2015 Graduate