Interdisciplinary Programs

Personalized. Flexible.

Design a well-rounded interdisciplinary program to meet your educational and career goals.

You know what you're looking for in your academic experience and you want a program designed to meet your educational and career goals. The interdisciplinary programs at USD allow you to pursue an individually-planned program utilizing the diverse resources and faculty available from the social sciences, the humanities and the professional schools and colleges.

General Studies Major

Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.)

Awarded through the College of Arts & Sciences, the Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies allows students to complete general education requirements during the first two years. Students are then able to continue their educations at any of the state institutions for a four-year degree program.

The Bachelor of General Studies is a flexible degree program designed to serve the needs of individuals who have earned numerous credits but have not completed their degrees. Students work with an advisor to determine course equivalencies and to develop an appropriate degree completion plan.

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