The Beacom School of Business is the region’s leader in business education offering a quality program that is fully accredited by AACSB International.

Our faculty challenges our students to develop excellent critical thinking skills in the classroom and then apply those skills to real-world experiences. Through involvement in any of our many professional organizations or participation in quality internships, your business knowledge will be put into action. 

The Beacom School of Business is committed to USD's Inclusive Excellence initiatives.  We are committed to cultivating an environment of Inclusive Excellence at all levels of the school.  We are committed to graduating globally and culturally aware business students who are equipped with the tools to embrace and practice inclusiveness.

Your future success is our business. Become More!

Student Code of Ethics

A code of ethics documents expectations regarding professional conduct and shapes the values, standards and behaviors students develop. We believe that a strong code of ethics encourages Beacom students to become excellent classmates, team members and employees. As future business leaders, Beacom School of Business students have adopted a code of ethics to guide decision making both in an academic setting and as they enter the workforce.

Behave in a professional and exemplary manner.
Enhance an atmosphere of mutual respect among all members of the school community.
Accept the responsibility for one's own learning and encourage the learning of others.
Cultivate community and teamwork by respecting the views of others.
Own and acknowledge failure just as we celebrate success.
Maintain an attitude of leadership, scholarship, responsibility and accountability.