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Human Resource Management

Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets — the people. In addition to recruiting and selecting the appropriate employees, training and developing them, and assuring that they are compensated, HR professionals are more involved than ever before in decision-making at the highest levels of the organization.

If you are looking for a career with excellent employment opportunities, financial reward, satisfaction and challenge, we encourage you to learn more about the Human Resource Management program at Beacom School of Business. 

Degree Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Human Resource Management 

Contact Information

To learn more about our human resource management program, please call, visit or email.

Rhonda Hulkonen, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean, Student Services 

Good Job Outlook

HR Management Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all human resources occupations. College graduates and those who have earned certification should have the best job opportunities. Bureau of Labor Statistics.