USD Undergraduate Research

Not sure where to begin? Start with these steps to begin your career in research or creative scholarship.

Find Your Passion

Do you enjoy taking things apart, writing songs, or studying the outdoors? Exploring things you're passionate about could open doors to topics that need to be explored even further.

Narrow Your Pursuits

While all of recorded history may interest you, beginning a research or creative project will require that you narrow down your interests. Is there an historical era in which you’re most interested? What literary theme most excites you? Which human habits are the most intriguing?

Connect with a Faculty Mentor

The most important step in conducting research or creative scholarship as an undergraduate is connecting with a faculty mentor who can guide you through the process. Not sure who to contact? Try your department’s faculty page or contact a member of CURCS.

Network with Other Scholars in Your Field

No one conducts research or scholarship in a vacuum. There are other students and scholars out there who have the same research interests or creative pursuits as you. Connect with them! You may want to consider joining a professional association (ask for the student rate!), attending a student conference, or locating like-minded groups of scholars through social media outlets.

Ask Questions!

We are all here to help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for advice! If you would like to make an individual appointment to explore your research or creative opportunities, please contact

Undergraduate Research