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Student Service Trips Support

Service-learning programs like Alternative Week of Off Campus Learning (AWOL) and National Days of Service inspire students to address important social issues on a local, national, and international scale. A gift to this program can expand the experience and create new service locations, allow for more students to attend, and will provide support for participants in need.

A Gift to Student Services May Support:

  • A student's travel to Pine Ridge, Los Angeles, or Honduras (locations vary by year)
  • An entire AWOL group's housing at their service location
  • Supplies for on-site service

Center for Academic Global Engagement Support Fund

The Center also offers other programming to help students make meaningful contributions to society. For example, employers today want to hire graduates who have appreciation for diversity, adaptability, and self-reliance. USD's Global Learning Programs - study abroad and exchange to other US campuses - provide students these skills. Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Programs at USD allow our students to carry out sophisticated scholarly work - in any discipline - hand in hand with faculty mentors. This deepens their understanding of their field, showing the practical application of their classroom work, and is excellent foundation for the next stage of their careers as scientists, scholars, artists, and citizens.

Therefore, a gift to the Center for Academic Global Engagement Support fund may support:

  • A speaker for MLK Day to follow the day of service
  • A student scholarship for study away (most Global Learning students at USD depend on some financial assistance)
  • International education programming on campus
  • Funding for student research supplies and expenses
  • Scholarships to students to travel to conferences to present research
  • Support for events or speakers (like the annual student showcase, IdeaFest) to engage undergraduate students in research conversations.

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