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"My study abroad experience was worth it because allowed me to catch a glimpse of extreme poverty. Overall, the experience in Ghana has helped me appreciate all aspects of my life, especially the things we take for granted in the USA like clean water and adequate health care." - Krista Crook, 2014

"Most of your life you will have time to meet people who you are familiar with, only a small percentage of time will present the opportunity to meet someone different." - Taylor Hamblin, 2013

"Studying abroad and living with a host-family in a foreign country gives students an entirely new perspective and appreciation for other people and cultures around the world." - Michael Doering, 2013

"Study abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only will it make you more aware culturally and globally, but it will also deepen your understanding of and interest in your own studies." -Abby Drabek, 2011

What is a USD Direct Program

USD Direct Programs are the most affordable study abroad option. USD has direct agreements with universities overseas which allow you to continue paying regular tuition and fees to USD, while not having to pay tuition to a foreign university. In exchange, we accept students from those universities here at USD for a semester or academic year. In most cases, you will fully enroll (matriculate) into the foreign university just like any other student and will have access to a broad range of courses, local student unions and organizations, public transportation and many other benefits enjoyed by the locals.

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Why choose a USD Direct Program?

  1. Affordability - USD Direct programs allow you to continue using federal financial aid and most USD scholarships, including the Mickelson, Presidential Alumni, Ullyot, Coyote Commitment and South Dakota Opportunity. You pay tuition and fees to USD, and housing and other living costs to the foreign university.
  2. Academics - our partner universities overseas are reputable, well-respected institutions that offer a wide range of courses, including: business, finance and marketing, education, humanities and social sciences, fine arts and natural sciences, and mathematics. You will also enjoy the opportunity to take courses not offered at USD such as German area studies, Eastern European studies and Japanese language, among many others.
  3. Flexibility - since the Global Learning staff works closely with our foreign colleagues, we are able to accommodate most of your needs while abroad, whether they be academic, financial or personal.
  4. Security - the Global Learning staff visits our partner universities periodically to familiarize ourselves with the 'on-the-ground' reality and to maintain relationships with our colleagues overseas. In doing so, we're able to work together on a personal and professional level to insure high safety standards and to meet any of your medical or personal needs while away.
  5. Living like a local - typically you will live in student housing and take classes with other international and local university students, which gives you the unique opportunity to 'live like a local,' while also meeting people from all over the world. All of this combined to create a integrated cultural experience.

Where Can I Study on a Direct Program?

  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

You can learn more about these programs and search other USD programs by going to our Featured Programs list.

Is a USD Direct Program Right for Me?

USD Direct Programs are unique because they allow you to take initiative and act independently in planning your experience. While USD Global Learning works closely with the overseas university to prepare for your arrival and initial adjustment, there is always some level of uncertainty in going abroad. These programs are ideal for most USD students, but finding the program that fits your personality is the most important part of choosing where to study - this is why the Global Learning staff is here to help you throughout the process!

We recognize that sometimes USD Direct Programs won't offer the courses or flexibility you need to complete graduation requirements, or may not suite your personal goals. If that is the case, USD Global Learning offers hundreds of programs through our Sponsored and Affiliate Programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania and North America that will suit any of your needs.