USD's minimum requirements for participating in any of the Global Learning programs, including NSE are:

  • At least a 2.5 GPA for USD Sponsored and Affiliate programs or 3.0 GPA for all USD Direct programs*
  • 12 credits completed at USD
  • Good academic and community standing

*Please note: These are minimum requirements. Often times a particular program will have higher GPA requirements than a 2.5. Please be sure to verify you meet all requirements to apply to the program you've selected.

Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the global learning program, as the successful completion of a program abroad requires individual initiative and a sense of maturity and responsibility concerning social matters as well as academic duties. Students also must accept responsibility for representing the University well.

Study abroad requires tolerance and a willingness to adjust to living and studying conditions very different from, and often much less comfortable than, those in Vermillion. All of these qualities will be taken into account when CAGE assesses the suitability of each candidate. As such, an applicant's total educational and disciplinary record (Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Code of Conduct, Starfish, etc.), educational objective, professional attitude, level of preparedness and interpersonal maturity, recommendations and personal preparation may be considered in the selection process.

The university reserves the right to interview the student during the application process and to deny acceptance to any applicant for any reason the university determines to be material to the applicant's qualifications.