Faculty-Led Programs

"Studying in Israel and Palestine was the best study experience I have participated in. By traveling in a group we were able to discuss the things we were learning about and reflect on others opinions." - Jenny Kelly, Summer 2012

What Is a Faculty-Led Program?

A USD-FLP is a program designed by a faculty member at USD and administered by the Global Learning staff. These in-house programs offer you the opportunity to take a course while traveling domestically or abroad with other USD students and faculty members leading the trip. On most USD-FLPs, students will earn three to six credits, depending on the program duration and course content. Typically, a USD-FLP will travel within a particular region of a country or stay in a single city to get an in-depth understanding of local culture, politics and geography. Each program is unique, so be sure to discuss the program with the faculty leader or the Global Learning staff to make sure this is the best option based on your personal and academic goals.

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Why Participate in a USD-FLP?

  1. Affordable and flexible - USD-FLPs are affordable, short-term options to have a global experience. Programs range in price from $1,500 - $6,000, depending on location and duration; these often include most on-site costs such as lodging, meals, local transportation and cultural excursions. Also, because they are short-term (typically 7 - 14 days), you can make them work with your academic or personal schedules during winter, spring or summer breaks.
  2. Stay within your comfort zone - USD-FLPs offer you the ability to travel elsewhere in the US or abroad, while still having the comfort of familiar faces from USD. Since your faculty leader has expertise in the location you're traveling to, they are able to reassure your safety and security while away.
  3. Form new friendships - traveling is an intense experience that brings about new ways of thinking and acting. Since you're traveling in a tight-knit group, USD-FLPs offer you an excellent opportunity to meet other students at USD who have similar interests.

How Do I Sign Up?

Like choosing a study away program, choosing to take part in a USD-FLP is an important choice. We encourage you to first decide on the program you'd like to take part in, then meet with the faculty leader to discuss the details of the program. The Global Learning staff can help answer most of your questions, as well.

The programs are open to all USD students who meet the program's minimum requirements. These requirements vary for each program. Details about requirements, deadlines to sign up and costs are found by reading about the programs under the Featured Programs listing.