The courses that include Service-Learning components vary from semester to semester. Each fall, we offer an introduction to Service-Learning course as a First-Year Experience course.

Here are some examples of current courses:

EXPL 186: Service-Learning: Lead, Learn, & Serve - You are more than a one-man wolf pack. Join USD student leaders in the areas of volunteerism and service-learning to learn how to get involved on campus and in the community while you are at USD. What is service? Why does it matter? And how does it make you more successful in the future?

MCOM 440: Event Marketing and Management - This course is designed to instruct students in the application of project management concepts to the creation and development of events for public relations, special events, or fundraising outcomes. The course also includes news conference planning and preparation as well as a background in balancing the needs and objectives of key stakeholders.

SUST 201: Sustainability and Society - This course will examine what is meant by the term sustainability and will assess how sustainability can be used as a framework to address complex societal issues including our food systems, social justice, and sustainable development.

DCOM 423/523: Aural Rehabilitation - Students will learn therapeutic principles, methods, programs and technologies for improving speech, language, listening, speech reading and communication strategies of persons with hearing loss (or other listening problems) at home, school, work, and socially. Class includes weekly labs.

HSAD 325: Gerontology and Long-Term Care Administration - Gerontology and Long-Term Care is designed to provide the student with information regarding fundamental management principles and special concerns and problems of long term care and, in addition, to practice the application of this knowledge through the use of case studies and assignments.

SPAN 411: Advanced Oral Practice I in Spanish - This course offers readings, film analysis, and discussion with a primary focus on advanced oral production.