Center for Light Activated Materials


2010 Research Initiative Designation

The Center for Research and Development of Light-activated Materials (CRDLM) was designated as a South Dakota 2010 Research Center in 2004.

Enlivened by researchers from the fields of chemistry, physiology, and physics, research at the CRDLM explores innovative technologies that range from bioadhesives to alternative energy.  The unifying theme to the research is the use of light to propel chemical and physical processes.  While some research initiatives underway at the CRDLM are at the basic research stage, others [such as innovations in the areas of bioadhesives and antimicrobial technologies] are at the applied stage and are being actively commercialized via industry collaborations.

R and D Collaborators
  • The University of South Dakota
  • South Dakota State University
  • Avera Research Institute
  • PhotoBiomed
  • Prairie Scientific Innovations
  • Antimicrobial Technologies Group

The Center for Research of Light-activated Materials is located at the Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center in Sioux Falls, which was completed in Spring 2009.

GEAR Center in Sioux Falls

For more information

Contact Dr. Daniel Engebretson, Director of the Center for Light-activated Materials at (605) 367-7763 or