Department of Chemistry

From nanoparticles to macromolecules, chemistry is the study of matter, its properties and applications.

News in Brief

  • Photo of Chandra Karki.
    VERMILLION, S.D. – Chandra Karki, a University of South Dakota chemistry major, was honored with the 2017 South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association Scholarship receiving $800.
  • Photo of Haoran Sun.
    VERMILLION, S.D. – The University of South Dakota will receive a $2.7 million grant to establish the Center for Fluorinated Functional Materials, awarded by the South Dakota Research and Commercialization Council, to work on the commercialization of fluorinated functio...
  • RT @USDChemistry: WISTEM is meeting on Monday in Churchill-Haines 146 at 5PM to talk about stress in science! @USDChemClub #GoYotes #USDCh…

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