Through the Center for Teaching and Learning, faculty resources are available to help you understand the multiple factors that must be considered if one is to construct a teaching environment that facilitates learning from students who are socially and culturally diverse.  These resources are organized around Jackson's (1988) model of the Dynamics of Multicultural Teaching and Learning.   The model describes four important dimensions of teaching and learning that relate to issues related to diversity:

  • The Students

  • The Instructor

  • Course Content

  • Teaching Methods


  • Our students come from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds.  Documents and resources are suggested to help you better understand who our students are. 


  • We as faculty also come from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds.  Understanding ourselves, discovering our own biases and preferences for viewing the world, and learning how students see us is a vital element of an environment that embraces diverse learners.  Resources are available to help you better understand yourself and your role at this institution.


  • What we teach - the course content - has always been a major focus for debate and discussion for college faculty.  We suggest resources that provide concrete strategies to help you incorporate diversity into the curriculum. 

Teaching Methods

  • How we teach - the methods and activities we use in our classrooms - play a defining role in constructing an environment that facilitates learning from a diverse student body.  Resources and documents are available to provide a multitude of suggestions on how to include, teach, and teach to diversity in the classroom.