The School of Education recognizes current and aspiring teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence. Find out from our students why you should become a part of the School of Education.

Sarah Clayborne
Elementary Education
"The more I work around children, the more I realize how wonderful it is to be able to teach and interact with them. Children have the capacity to learn exponentially, and I am looking forward to teaching them."

Lauren Berkenpas
Elementary Education, Reading Minor
"I am going to teach to my students' strengths and help them develop and strengthen their individual weaknesses."

Natalie Cowley
Elementary Education
"I decided that I only want to work in low income urban schools as I believe that most people are scared to work in these schools. I, on the other hand, believe that these children are in dire need of excellent teachers. I want to show them that I care about them, their education and I am willing to put in the extra work to make sure they succeed."

Tiffany Buehner
Elementary Education
"I received a great education and had many wonderful teachers to look up to and I would like to provide that to students in rural South Dakota."

Lara Jones
Elementary Education
"I want to make real world connections for my students because when they leave my room, real world connections are what matter."

Jenny Larson
Elementary Education
"I believe there is a real need for students' lives to be impacted or touched in some say whether academically or personally. I decided to pursue a degree in teaching so I can be on of the many teachers to impact students lives."

Rob Cunningham
Mathematics Education
"Teaching presents an opportunity to inspire on a day-to-day basis. I also have the chance to teach students not only math but how to become honorable human beings."

Stephanie Keyman
Elementary Education, Reading
"I will do anything in my power to make sure that they are each given a quality education and that each student comes out of my classroom having learned something that they can take with them."

Brittni Badger
Elementary Education, Special Education, Fullbright Scholar
"Teaching has truly become my passion and to me, being a teacher means being that person who is willing to go the extra step to help and care for others, willing to accept that your work day doesn't end with the bell at 3:30, and a person who wakes up every morning not only to teach others, but to learn something new in return."

Abbey Mudder
Elementary Education, Special Education
"I don't want to be a mediocre teacher that just teaches the book - I want to go above and beyond and provide hands-on experiences to fulfill my students' needs."

Martha Nickerson
Elementary Education, Special Education, Kindergarten Endorsement
"Once students leave my classroom, I want them to have a new found excitement for learning and leave their negative views of education outside. I plan to achieve this goal by creating individualized, challenging but achievable goals that both average functioning and students with special needs can benefit from."

Megan Book
Elementary Education, Middle School Social Science and Science Endorsements
"I absolutely feel that the year-long residency has been an extraordinary experience that USD has given me. Being able to be in one classroom for an entire year to see the progress from start to finish is exactly what a pre-service teacher needs. I know that when I start to look for jobs and begin as a first year teacher, I will have an entire catalog of resources available to me whether it will be materials, references, or colleagues who are always willing to share advice."