Grantee Board

Head Start Grantee Board meets on a monthly basis. The board is comprised of USD faculty and staff. The board's memberships for 2014-2015 consists of:

  • Jeannie Caraway: Board Chairperson, Psychology
  • Gloria Barnes: Retired, USD Grant Accounting
  • Solveig Korte: Communication Disorders
  • Malene Little: USD Grad Student-Not for Profit
  • Kathy LaPlante: Social Work
  • Lisa Newland: Counseling & Psychology in Education
  • Louise Papka: Physician Assistant Program
  • Samantha Shedd: Policy Council Representative
  • Tom Sorensen: Retired, USD School of Law, Assistant Dean

Policy Council

Policy Council is the policy and decision-making body for the Head Start program. Parents learn about the program and take part in major policy decisions. The program's Policy Council meets on a monthly basis in Beresford, SD. The Policy Council is comprised of EHS and HS parents and members of the communities we serve. Each parent group elects a parent to be their representative on Policy Council. Policy Council members for 2014-2015 are:

Chairperson: Eli Carr
Vice-Chair: Cara White
Secretary: Sarah Craig
Grantee Board Rep: Samantha Shedd
Community Representative: Eli Carr

  • Sarah Craig
  • Teresa Wilcox
  • Samantha Shedd
  • Amber Clark
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Kate Fischer
  • Heather Snoozy
  • Cheyenne Hoesing
  • Ashley Uken-Alternate
  • Tabitha Argulles
  • Brandy Jensen
  • Cara White