Our mission:  The University of South Dakota School of Education prepares and supports reflective professionals and leaders by creating, sharing, and applying knowledge.

Our vision:  Inspiring and Leading through Excellence in Education

    • Inspiring: preparing candidates to realize their professional potentials through visioning and innovation while being committed to inclusiveness and social justice.
    • Leading: preparing candidates who have the knowledge, skills and professional dispositions to advocate for learners, align support systems, and facilitate the work of others to foster success.
    • Excellence: preparing candidates who improve lives through evidence-based best practice, exemplifying the highest ethical and professional standards.
We cultivate curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. We collaborate using project based learning strategies and communicate effectively with diverse learners.

We offer innovative programs, including the yearlong residency which we pioneered to allow our students a full year of teaching experience incorporated into a four year plan. Our graduates leave our programs as highly qualified and marketable professionals.