Studying away from USD allows students the opportunity to pursue coursework, service-learning and professional experiences that will enhance their undergraduate career. The Center for Academic Engagement works with students to identify the opportunity that best fits their academic, personal, and professional goals. Students who have studies away from USD have found their academic interests more refined and have been better prepared for post-graduate experiences, whether in a career or graduate studies.

Several faculty led programs may be of interest to School of Education students.

Guatemala Spring Break Experience - Study Abroad Application

Students will experience a culture much different from what they are accustomed to in the United States while studying the impact of culture on teaching and learning. This will be accompanied by various visits to important cultural sites of Guatemala.

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Ireland - Sport, History and Culture

Churches and work places have been the origin of many small sports clubs; the birthplace of traditional Gaelic Games, the most popular being Gaelic football and Hurling. Students will have the opportunity to learn and experience both of these traditional games from their origin to the present day game. They will see firsthand how the European model of sports differs from the U.S. Tours of sports facilities, talking with sports officials and attendance at sporting events will give them firsthand knowledge and experience of the Gaelic Athletic Association and how it operates.

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Greece Then and Now: Exploring the Origins of Humanistic Psychotherapy

Explore the evolution of Greek culture from antiquity to modern times and its influence on Western Civilization. From connecting the works of Socrates and Plato to a way of life, physically experiencing an array of architecture and art throughout the city of Athens, and unraveling the thread of Greek Tragedy amidst a global financial crisis, students will experience Greek civilization and the complexities of pathos and the human achievement and potential.

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You can also explore other study abroad opportunities through USD.