Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson

Assistant Professor


Churchill-Haines Labs 168C

Phone: (605) 677-5961



Teaching Interests:

Vertebrate Anatomy & Embryology (BIOL 481/581 + L); Mechanics & Physiology of Skeletal Muscle Function (BIOL 791); Comparative Physiology (BIOL 428/528); General Biology II (BIOL 153)

Research Interests:

My research is broadly focused on understanding physiological and biomechanical systems in an ecological and evolutionary context. In my lab we examine the morphological, biomechanical and physiological mechanisms underlying animal movement in general, and how these mechanisms change through evolution and vary across environments. We apply an integrative approach, often combining laboratory and field studies, to elucidate interactions between an organism's physiology and their performance, reveal how organisms perform in their natural surroundings, and improve our understanding of the evolution of form and function. Further, while our research generally utilizes non-model organisms, the mechanistic levels we work at are broadly applicable to a wide range of taxa, including humans, and provide insight into broader functional and physiological principles.


  • Ph D, Biology (Physiology & Morphology), University of South Florida, 2013
  • BS, Animal Science, Cornell University, 2006


  • Seismic communication in chameleons: Form and function of a novel signaling mechanism, Kentucky NSF EPSCoR. Grant Role: Co-Principal. (2016 - Present)


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