Haotian Zhao

Haotian Zhao

Assistant Professor


Research Interests:

The Zhao lab is focused on the study of brain cancers in children. As the significance of neuro-developmental pathways in childhood brain tumors are better understood, it has become apparent that many processes underlying normal brain development are disrupted and contribute to the development of childhood brain tumors. Knowledge of the genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of normal brain development is pivotal in the understanding of pediatric brain tumor development. Strategies targeting these abnormalities in developmental signaling pathways may potentially bring dramatic changes in the way we treat childhood brain tumors and significantly improve the outcome of children with these diseases.


  • R01: Molecular Circuit of Multi-ciliogenesis Regulates Choroid Plexus Differentiation and Tumor Development (R01CA220551), NIH. Grant Role: Principal. (2017 - 2022)


  • Nelson, Blaine, Premathilake, Hasitha, Heglin, Alex, Grausam, Katie, Zhao, Haotian, Zeng, Erliang. Functional Genomics of Medulloblastoma among Mus musculus Models: An Integrative Analysis of Transcriptome and Targetome Data. Presented at the South Dakota Undergraduate Research Symposium, Pierre, SD. (August 2, 2017)
  • Premathilake, Hasitha, Grausam, Katie, Zhao, Haotian, Zeng, Erliang. Atonal homolog 1 promotes metastasis of Sonic Hedgehog subgroup medulloblastoma: An integrative analysis of multi-omics data. Presented at the 2017 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference, Chicago, IL. (May 16, 2017)