LisaAnn Robertson

LisaAnn Robertson

Assistant Professor


Dakota Hall

Phone: (605) 677-5229



Lisa Ann Robertson is currently revising a book manuscript entitled The Embodied Imagination. She has published in ERR, La Questione Romantica, and Prose Studies, among others.

Teaching Interests:

British Romanticism, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, literature and science, literature and philosophy, British empiricism

Research Interests:

The intersection of science and literary cultures in Romantic-era Britain with an emphasis on the science of the mind; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century materialist theories of mind and pedagogy and investigates women's participation in the mind-matter debates through their writing on education.


  • Ph D, English Literature, University of Alberta, 2013
  • MA, English Literature, Ohio State University, 2006
  • BA, English and Women's Studies, Ohio State University, 1991


  • College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Transformation Grant, College Committee on Diversity in the Curriculum. (2016 - 2016)
  • Frankenstein 200!, Keats-Shelley Association of American & Byron Association of America.


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Awards and Honors:

  • Best Article Award 2015, European Romantic Review, 2016
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council Early Career Scholar Grant, University of Edinburgh, 2015


  • Robertson, Lisa Ann. At the Border of Knowledge, or, Babies in the Scientific Imagination. Presented at the ICR: 2017 Romantic (In) Securty, El Paso, TX. (October 2017)
  • Robertson, Lisa Ann. The Life of the Body is the Life of the Mind: Erasmus Darwin's Materialist Theory of Cognition. Presented at the NASSR 2017 Conference : Romantic Life, Ottawa, ON. (August 2017)
  • Robertson, Lisa Ann. "'From the Imbecility of Children': Infants in the Scientific Imagination". Presented at the Bicentennial Conference "Robert Southey and Romantic-era Literature, Culture, and Science: 1797, 1817, 2017", Bristol, England. (April 12, 2017)
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