Musheera AnisAbdellatif

Musheera AnisAbdellatif

Assistant Professor


Beacom Hall 312

Phone: (605) 658-5952



I worked as a child psychiatrist in Egypt. My work was mainly with patients and families affected by mental illness and childhood psychiatric disorders. I was one of the founding members of a highly specialized Child Psychiatric Unit in my hometown. Some of my responsibilities included working closely with families of individuals with autism and ADHD, working with adolescents from high risk environments, and consulting parents on different childhood and teenage issues. As part of my advocacy for children and families with special needs I founded Mansoura Autism Support Association (MASA) in Egypt. MASA is a charity organization dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to families living with autism.

Teaching Interests:

Arabic Language and culture Psychiatric Disorders Pathophysiology Intensive writing Human Development Disability

Research Interests:

My current research includes a major trans-cultural study of attachment theory in the USA, Egypt, and China. Establishing research networks in three different countries and working with a team of exceptional researchers as well as becoming well informed about theory and practice of multicultural research has made this a very rewarding experience. In addition, I am working closely with two other researchers on a study about college students' motivation and engagement in academic tasks.


  • Ph D, Child Development and Educational Psychology, USD, 2015
  • Diploma, Addiction Studies, International Substance Abuse and Addiction Centre of studies (ISSACS). , 2009
  • MS, Neuro-Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. , 2005
  • MD, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University. , 1999

Licensures and Certifications:

  • Egyptian Medical License, MInistry of Health


  • Health Affairs Medical Informatics Committee (HAMIC), USD. Grant Role: Principal. (2017 - Present)


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