Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons

Assistant Professor


UL RM 212

Phone: (605) 677-3960



Curriculum Vitae


An an associate professor at the School of Law, Tom concentrates on trusts, estate administration, and federal estate and gift tax. Prior to joining the legal academy, he was a partner with the law firm of Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP and clerked for the Honorable Andrew W. Bogue, senior federal district court judge. He has taught at every educational level, from pre-K (as a volunteer at a Head Start program), elementary (fourth grade), secondary (junior high school in Miki-shi, Japan), and undergraduate (in a paralegal program) to graduate (i.e., law school). Tom is an active member of trust and elder law reform. He serves on the South Dakota State Bar's Ethics Committee, Elder Law Committee (founder/chair), Lawyer's Committee on Diversity of Inclusion (ad hoc), and Section of Real Property Probate and Trust (twice past chair) as well as that section's Digital Assets, Trust (chair), and Guardianship Training Materials Committees. He is a longtime member of the American Bar Association's Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law. Tom created and managed the first qualifying "(d)(4)(C)" pooled trust for individuals with disabilities in South Dakota (the "PATI Trust"). He regularly serves as a consultant and expert in litigation involving federal estate and gift tax matters, guardianship issues, Medicaid eligibility, testamentary capacity, and fiduciary administration. He is a lifelong South Dakotan.

Teaching Interests:

Past courses taught: Business Organizations I-II, Comparative Estates Law, Constitutional History (non-USD undergraduate course), Elder Law, and Holocaust Law (seminar). Current courses taught: Comparative [In]tangible Property, Estate Planning, Professional Responsibility, Property, and Trusts & Wills.

Research Interests:

Agency, Asset Protection, Comparative Law, Diminished Capacity, Elder Law, Ethics, Estate and Gift Tax, Fiduciaries, Future Interests, Guardianships, Legal History, Medicaid, Popular Culture, Probate, Property, the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities, and Trusts. Tom's scholarship has explicated robot law, space law, and even zombie law, but his research focuses on trusts, tax, elder law, and estate administration. His work has been published in leading scholarly journals including the Elder Law Journal, Mercer Law Review, John Marshall Law Review, and Gonzaga Law Review. He regularly publishes scholarship on South Dakota legal issues in the South Dakota Law Review.


  • JD, University of South Dakota School of Law, 1998
  • BS, Education and English, University of South Dakota, 1991

Licensures and Certifications:

  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit
  • United States District Court, District of South Dakota
  • Licensed Attorney, State of South Dakota


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Awards and Honors:

  • Cutler Award for Excellence in Legal Education, 2016
  • Fellow, American Bar Foundation, 2016
  • Inclusion in Best Lawyers in U.S. in area of Trusts and Estates, Best Lawyers (22nd ed. 2016), 2015
  • Fellow, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC), 2013
  • AV Rating, Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register Peer Review Rating, 2013


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