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Statement of Philosophy

We believe that the designer/technician is best trained by a comprehensive study of all the theatrical elements. Understanding the role of each member of the production process enables the designer/technician to think critically in solving challenges presented in producing theatre.

The B.F.A. Design and Technology Specialization trains the designer/ technician to analyze the demands of the drama, the needs of all the production areas and analyze the available resources to solve the challenges presented by each production. The student of design will utilize the tools and principles of design to create an aesthetic and functional design that serves the script and the director's approach to the production. Students of the technological areas will learn to analyze the logistical needs of the script and the demands of staging the design to create an effective plan of execution.

The Design and Technology program emphasizes the benefits provided by intensive classroom instruction and practical experience. Students are encouraged to test classroom theories through individual research and practical application. Students are required to explore several areas of the design and technology programs to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the subfield.

Students of Design and Technology will learn the standards of graphic representation utilizing traditional hand methods as well as state of the art technology such as computer aided drafting and computer rendering. The student will benefit from a philosophy of inclusivity, emphasizing practical application utilizing a variety of methods and technologies. The student of Design and Technology will learn through a mentor-student relationship culminating in the creation of portfolio materials and the development of job seeking skills. The faculty believes in utilizing the summers between academic study with career exploration and resumé building.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare the student for a career in theatre;
  • Foster personal and creative growth;
  • Provide the student with a process for analyzing and creating the aesthetic and logistical needs of the production;
  • Prepare the student to utilize appropriate technology to execute and communicate the design or plan;
  • Foster within the student a proactive approach to finding employment in the theatre;
  • Foster within the student a sense of responsibility for one's own artistic exploration and production;
  • Foster respect for all areas of theatre and the importance of collaboration.

Specific Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.F.A. Design and Technology Specialization, the student will possess a general knowledge of dramatic literature, theatre history, and the needs of the actor. In addition, the student will have a comprehensive knowledge of the design/technology process and will, specifically, be able to:

  • Analyze the scripts for the needs of the production;
  • Conduct aesthetic and logistical research;
  • Communicate design or technical ideas through oral communication and graphic representation;
  • Utilize appropriate technology to execute the required design communication;
  • Create appropriate design or technical elements required in a safe and efficient manner;
  • Work within a variety of historical periods and theatrical genres;
  • Supervise the implementation of the design;
  • Document the production process for subsequent portfolio needs;
  • Work as part of a team in a collaborative manner.