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Statement of Philosophy

The B.F.A. Theatre Specialization seeks to prepare the student for entrance into the profession of theatre as a generalist and/or for graduate studies in theatre. Generalist training focuses on creating a well-rounded theatre practitioner who is not required to select any area of specialization. The emphasis is on providing a broad spectrum of courses that includes history, literature, performance, production and theory.

Program Objectives

Prepare the student for a career in the theatre and/or graduate studies;

  • Foster personal and creative growth;
  • Provide the student with a process for analyzing a playscript;
  • Provide the student with processes for 1) preparing a role for performance; 2) preparing a script to be directed; 3) preparing a design for a scripted play;
  • Provide a broad-based foundation in dramatic literature and theatre history;
  • Provide a broad-based education in theatre production techniques and practices;
  • Foster an appreciation for the theatre.

Specific Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge and general skill in theatrical production techniques, including acting, scenic construction, costume construction, makeup design and application, playscript analysis, stage direction, and design.
  • Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge of western theatre history and literature, including major periods and styles, significant individuals, and representative plays.