The University Art Galleries (UAG) provides visual arts education for the University of South Dakota and the broader community through rotating contemporary and historical art exhibitions, artist lectures, research programs and multidisciplinary events. Comprised primarily of American art and art from Northern Plains Indian tribes, the UAG continues to build and preserve its permanent collection for the purpose of scholarly engagement and to generate an appreciation for the unique cultural characteristics of the region.

Our Educational Goals

  • Provide visual arts education for the university and community through object-based learning with original fine art objects.
  • Serve as a support unit for research in the visual arts for the university and larger community of scholars and artists.
  • Make the visual arts a meaningful part of gallery attendee's experiences through greater visual literacy, sense of community and engagement with new and critical ideas.
  • Develop and promote exceptional and innovative contemporary art exhibitions on USD's campus for audiences in the surrounding region.
  • Care for the UAG permanent collection following the best practices and standards.
  • Develop original exhibitions from the UAG permanent collection for public display and travel.