Manolis Exhibit

Painting Vermillion Red

Aug. 21-Oct. 9

J. Steven Manolis was the youngest general partner at Salomon Brothers in the 1990s and helped launch their global mortgage securities department which grew into a multi-trillion-dollar business. At the peak of his career he resigned to start his own company and work on his art. He had been taking private lessons from a famous abstract painter for many years.

Now he’s in the boutique hotel development business, but he paints seven days a week in his Miami studio. He’s sold over a million dollars worth of paintings already this year, and he has collectors all over the world. He recently donated seven paintings to USD valued at $550,000.

His works are huge, some are 7 feet and 30 feet long. He describes himself as a colorist and is currently producing abstract paintings that feature many layers and shades of a single color punctuated by drips, splashes and shapes.


The exhibit will open to the public on Aug. 21 in the John A. Day Gallery and will run through Dakota Days, with an artist’s reception planned for Oct. 6. School classes will be invited to see the show and attend a critic’s round table during the last week of the exhibit.