Welcome, Class of 2020. You'll find information below about your admission to the occupational therapy program.

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Be prepared to attend orientation with required sessions beginning July 17, in the Lee Medical Building. Regular OT courses will begin on July 24.

As a part of the orientation week, you will participate in the occupational therapy professionalism ceremony. This ceremony is your welcome to professional education and family members are encouraged to attend. A PowerPoint presentation will be utilized as a part of this ceremony. Please complete the template file and return your slide to ot@usd.edu for inclusion into the full presentation.


The Occupational Therapy Handbook is a resource with which all OT students should make themselves familiar. This document provides detailed information about USD Occupational Therapy policies and procedures. Students are encouraged to read through this document before they come to orientation. The handbook will be made available in the weeks before orientation.


The OT program strongly recommends the purchase of a laptop or tablet computer supported by USD Information Technology Services. Please review the list of computer expectations and recommendations. This list will likely be updated slightly in the spring.

Students are responsible for providing any/all adapters and ethernet (internet) cables for use in the program. Please come prepared to orientation with an ethernet cable.

Prior to orientation, please register your computer with ITS. This assists our technicians when setting up your computer on the USD network. Please do not try to connect to the USD network as a guest user. USD ITS will assist all incoming students with connecting to the wireless network during orientation.

Student Newsletter

To make your transition to the OT program a little easier, the Class of 2019 will compose a newsletter with helpful hints and information. Please check back for this to appear in late spring.

Program of Study

The OTD Program of Study is the list of courses that you will be required to enroll in during your time at USD. OT students will want to make themselves familiar with this list of courses.

Class Calendar

All class calendars are available as a Google calendar. Your USD email account will be sent a website link to the calendar in July. You will use this link to access the calendar for your entire program at USD. Please be aware that as new semester information is added, this draft information will appear before it is finalized. Please do not rely on the information listed for future semesters until the semester actually begins.

A list of semester start and end dates can be found below. Please plan on being in class daily from approximately 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. A detailed Google calendar will be shared with you prior to orientation. Dates are subject to change.

Semester Start Date End Date
Orientation Monday, July 17, 2017 Friday, July 21, 2017
Fall 2017 Monday, July 24, 2017 Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017
Spring 2018 Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018
Friday, May 4, 2018


A list of textbooks needed for the fall semester can be found on our campus bookstore website. The courses you need to search for can be found on the Program of Study. You will need to purchase your books prior to the first day of class. You will not need to purchase a clicker for your graduate studies at USD. USDOT will provide you with a clicker for your time on campus.

Occupational Therapy Budget

To assist you in financial planning while attending the occupational therapy program, the Financial Aid Office will prepare a cost sheet, which includes estimated "living costs," tuition, books, and other program related fees. This document is typically available in late spring.

Financial Aid

You will not be able to pick up your financial aid until after classes begin. You may contact Lindsay Miller in the Financial Aid Office at 605-658-6250 or at Lindsay.Miller@usd.edu with any questions.

AOTA Membership

Membership in AOTA is required throughout the curriculum. Readings and other materials available through the members-only area are required for a variety of courses. To join, visit the AOTA website. (You will need to scroll to "Are you not yet a Member of AOTA? Join now!") Students receive full membership benefits for only $75 per year. This cost is included in your financial aid package.

Dress Code

The OT program requires a specific dress code when attending class, lab or other related program event. Take time to read through the Occupational Therapy Professional Image Policy and Attire Guidelines to make yourself familiar with the requirements. Lab coats and scrubs will be available for purchase during orientation. Samples will be available for sizing purposes during orientation for the OT lab clothes. Orders and payment will be accepted at that time. Please come to the program prepared.