Physical Therapy student working with patient

Our Doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program is a clinical doctorate-level program for individuals seeking entry-level professional education. The course of study is offered in three consecutive years of coursework. You may apply in the senior year of your undergraduate education.

Students applying to the program must obtain a bachelor's or master's/graduate degree prior to entrance into the D.P.T. program, though they may apply during their senior year of undergraduate study. In addition to the degree, certain prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to entrance into the program. All coursework must be completed and a bachelor's or master's/graduate degree obtained by June 1.

USDPT does not grant credit toward the doctoral degree for previous courses, time in other programs or work experience.

Enrollment is limited to 32 students selected through a competitive application process by the physical therapy admissions committee, which may be comprised of any combination of the following:

For complete eligibility requirements see the admissions requirements on our graduate page.

Important Information for Fall 2018 Program Entrance

Application material must be submitted to PTCAS and USD by:
Early Admission: Sept. 15, 2017 General Admission: Dec. 1, 2017
*GRE Test should be taken by:
Early Admission: July 31, 2017 General Admission: Nov. 1, 2017
**USD must receive academic updates from PTCAS by:
N/A General Admission: Jan. 2, 2018
Scheduled Interview Dates (by invitation only)
Early Admission: Nov. 16, 2017
(A maximum of 20 applicants will be interviewed for early admission)
General Admission: Feb. 8 & 9, 2018
Minimum Requirements for Interview Selection
Early Admission
  • 9 of the 12 prerequisites must be completed with no more than two prerequisites to be completed during the spring semester

    Additionally you must meet four of the five thresholds
    (modified annually):
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.7 (as calculated by PTCAS)
  • Prerequisite GPA: 3.7 (as calculated by PTCAS)
  • Verbal GRE: 50th percentile or higher
  • Quantitative GRE: 50th percentile or higher
  • Analytical Writing GRE: 50th percentile or higher
  • General Admission
    Must meet both of the following requirements:
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.2 (as calculated by PTCAS)
  • Minimum Prerequisite GPA: 3.2 (as calculated by PTCAS)
  • *The oldest GRE scores considered will be Nov. 1, 2012.
    **Updates received after this date will not be considered on applications.