Each summer we host the Harry E. Settles Memorial Gross and Clinical Anatomy Workshop in the Lee Medical Building on the USD Campus. For full workshop information and registration materials please see our brochure.

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The emphasis of the workshop is dissection and anatomically related clinical correlations. Prosected joints and skeletal materials are available for study. Each participant will dissect the extremities and select portions of the spine. The course instructor will be available at all times to guide the dissection and confirm identity of structures. A blended learning model will include pre-recorded anatomy review lectures which will be provided in the weeks leading up to the workshop in order to compliment the lab dissection. Dissection sessions will also contain clinical correlation discussions, which will include previously dissected pathological specimens. Instruments, lab coats, gloves and instruction will be provided to complete the dissection and to prepare materials for visual study.

  • Prerecorded video lectures will review the detailed anatomy of the region to be dissected in each lab session.
  • Review will include all muscle attachments, motor innervation, blood supply, and sensory innervation.
  • Participants will perform a complete dissection of the extremities and portions of the upper, middle, and lower back during the lab sessions.