Physical therapy prerequisite courses are intended to prepare the student for professional studies within the School of Health Sciences. Applicants must have cumulative and prerequisite GPAs of 3.2 (as calculated by PTCAS) based on a 4.0 scale to be eligible to apply to the physical therapy program.

You must obtain a bachelor's or master's/graduate degree for admission to our program. No preference is given to any specific field of undergraduate study. In addition to the degree, the following prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to entrance into the program. All coursework must be completed and a bachelor's or master's/graduate degree obtained by June 1.

Applicants are allowed to have no more than two outstanding prerequisites at the completion of the fall 2017 semester for the 2017-2018 application cycle.

Full admission requirements can be found in the Graduate School catalog.

Prerequisite Courses

Course Subject Lab Hours Acceptable Courses Sample of Courses at USD
Biology I (at majors level) Req SH: 4
QH: 6
Biology: Cell
Biology: Embryology
Biology: General
Biology: Genetics
Biology: Histology
Biology: Microbiology
Biology: Molecular
BIOL 151/151L: General Biology I w/ Lab
Biology II (at majors level) Req SH: 4
QH: 6
BIOL 153/153L: General Biology II w/ Lab
Chemistry I (at majors level) Req SH: 4
QH: 6
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: General
Chemistry: Organic
CHEM 112/112L: General Chemistry I w/ Lab
Chemistry I (at majors level) Req SH: 4
QH: 6
CHEM 114/114L: General Chemistry II w/ Lab
Physics I Req SH: 4
QH: 6
PHYS 111/111L: Introduction to Physics w/ Lab
PHYS 211/211L: University Physics I w/ Lab
Physics II Req SH: 4
QH: 6
PHYS 113/113L: Introduction to Physics II w/ Lab
PHYS 213/213L: University Physics II w/ Lab
Anatomy* no SH: 3
QH: 4.5
ANAT 142: Anatomy
BIOL 481: Vertebrate Anatomy & Embryology
PHGY 220: Human Anatomy/Physiology I w/ Lab
Physiology* Req SH: 3
QH: 4.5
PHGY 230/230L: Human Anatomy/Physiology II w/ Lab
PHGY 210/210L: Human Physiology w/ Lab
BIOL 428/428L: Comparative Physiology w/ Lab
BIOL 456: Mammalian Physiology
Statistics no SH: 3
QH: 4.5
Biology: Biostatistics
Business: Statistics
Psychology: Statistics
STAT 281: Introduction to Statistics
PSYC 371: Statistics in Psychological Research
BIOL 420: Introduction to Biostatistics & Computational Biology
General Psychology no SH: 3
QH: 4.5
Psychology: General PSYC 101: General Psychology
Developmental Psychology no SH: 3
QH: 4.5
Psychology: Developmental
Psychology: Lifespan
Psychology: Adolescent
Psychology: Child
Psychology: Growth & Development
PSYC 321: Human Development: Lifespan
Abnormal Psychology no SH: 3
QH: 4.5
Psychology: Abnormal PSYC 451: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior
*A combined human anatomy/physiology course with a minimum of six credit hours with lab taken over two semesters can fulfill the anatomy and physiology requirements (PHGY 220 and PHGY 230/230L).