Q: How does CASPA calculate my GPA?
CASPA uses the information which you have entered in the coursework section of your application to calculate several tables of GPAs in multiple categories for each applicant. Each category is calculated by adding up the total number of quality points in that category and dividing this number by the total credits you attempted to earn in this same category. For more information see CASPA

Q: If I am accepted into the PA program, may I defer my acceptance to the following year?
A: No, the cycle of admission runs annually. Anyone wishing to defer acceptance will have to reapply to the program.

Q: How many classes does the program accept each year?
The program accepts one class every year. The class typically begins in August of each year (orientation begins in July).

Q: I am on the Alternate list; if I am not accepted, do I need to reapply the following year?
Yes. Candidates on the alternate list who are not offered a seat for the current admissions cycle must reapply through CASPA in order to be considered for subsequent admissions decisions.

Q: I was not accepted, can I reapply?
The USD PA Program encourages reapplication. The admissions process is very competitive. As a rule, the successful candidate exceeds minimal entrance requirements in more than one area. In addition, his/her interview demonstrates a high level of professionalism, knowledge regarding the PA Program and PA profession as well as excellent communication skills.