UHON 111 - Reacting to the Past

UHON 111 is one of the Honors Program's signature classes. Taken during the second semester of the first-year, student spend half of the semester playing a strategic academic game. This illustrates our pledge to deliver unique, active-learning curriculum.

Honors courses are specifically designed for our students, but they also meet the same academic requirements as equivalent general education courses. However, not every course in the Honors Core is an Honors course; in fact, you'll only enroll in one Honors class each semester.

This design lets you have the full USD undergraduate experience while taking intimate classes with students who are similarly motivated and come from all majors across campus. We teach you to explore complex issues, develop your own opinions and persuasively share your conclusions in writing and discussion. These are skills that will give you a competitive advantage for your plans after graduation.

The Honors Core is made up of Honors classes and general academic requirements. General requirements are courses available to the general student body, while Honors classes are reserved solely for Honors students.

Honors Core Curriculum
UHON 110 – Honors English 3 credits, taken fall of first year
UHON 111 – Ideas in History 3 credits, taken spring of first year
UHON 211 – Interdisciplinary Civilization II 3 - 5  credits, taken spring of second year
UHON 101 – Honors Speech Communication 3 credits, taken sometime during first/second years
UHON 390 – Honors Seminars (take two) 6 credits, taken sometime during third/fourth years
UHON 398 – Thesis Prep 1 credit, taken fall of third year
UHON 498 – Honors Thesis 2-6 credits, taken spring of third year/fall of fourth year
Math option #1: Math 121, 123 or higher 1 semester of calculus-level math
Math option #2: Math 115 + PHIL 200 1 semester of pre-calculus and 1 semester of Honors Logic
Science 2 semesters of lab science
Humanities 2 semesters (non-English language recommended)
Aesthetic Experience 1 semester of fine arts (music, art, theatre), can be 1 credit
Social Science 1 semester 

NOTE: Transfer credit/dual-credit/AP credit is accepted for all courses except UHON 111, 211, 390, 398, and 498.

Honors Seminars

Honors seminars are the most popular classes we offer.  Comprising of two 3-credit courses, students typically take these in their junior and/or senior year. Faculty from across campus design seminars just for Honors students – a seminar has to be unique and cannot already be listed in the catalog. Recent topics have included things like "Evil Lurks among Us: The Moral Dimension of Horror," "The Causes and Consequences of Epidemics and Pandemics" and "How We Came to Know What We Know: The History and Philosophy of Science."

Honors Thesis

Honors theses are as diverse as Honors students themselves. In the past they’ve included everything from a microbiology research project to a computer program to an adapted screenplay. Thesis work takes place during your third and fourth years and allows you to decide the project and with whom you work.

Students who write a thesis related to their academic and career goals regularly get into top graduate and professional programs, win fellowships and find themselves especially prepared for graduate work. Others, especially in business, political science and education, are considered priority by employers. We also have students who fulfill life-long creative dreams of recording an album, writing a novel or composing a music score. Whatever you choose, you will be prepared to make all the important decisions with plenty of support from faculty and the Honors Program director.