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International students excel in the classroom while adding to our vibrant global community. You will benefit from all of the prestige, resources and research opportunities available at larger universities, but with the personal attention and support found at smaller schools. You will study with internationally renowned faculty in programs recognized world-wide for excellence and value. At USD, you will live and learn in a safe and secure environment in one of the nation's best, small college towns.

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  • Vanesa Salgado-Perez Chose USD for Her Master's Degree

    A degree from USD opens doors for students and creates learning opportunities where you least expect them.

  • Main Street Vermillion

    Safe. Secure. Welcoming. Residents, students and visitors to Vermillion have enjoyed the city's warm and welcoming charm for more than 150 years.

  • Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. -Malcolm Forbes Describe the word "Diversity" in your own words! Feel free to comment!