Federal Regulation

As part of the admission process, current Federal Regulations require that you be made aware of certain information.

  1. Should you elect to practice law in South Dakota, it would be necessary for you to fulfill the following requirements, among others found on the SD Unified Judicial System website.
    • Furnish satisfactory evidence that you graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, or that you will so graduate prior to the examination, or that you have successfully completed all of the requirements for graduation prior to the examination;
    • Qualify to sit for and to pass satisfactorily an examination conducted by the Board of Bar Examiners;
    • State your birthplace and if not a citizen of the United States, provide a copy of the type of visa issued to you;
    • Be a person of good moral character and at least eighteen years of age.
  2. Seventy of seventy-four full-time students (95 percent) who were enrolled at USD School of Law on October 1, 2010, (class of 2013) have graduated.
  3. In 2013, 95 percent (41 of 43) of the graduates of USD School of Law who sat as first-time takers of the South Dakota Bar Examination passed the examination. In February 2012, 100 percent (1 of 1) of the USD first-time takers passed the South Dakota Bar Examination.
  4. Graduates of the School of Law find employment both within and outside of South Dakota. Positions are secured with firms, federal and state agencies, federal and state courts, and corporate and banking institutions.