We ensure that our legal education is as affordable as possible for our students. Whether a resident or not, our costs are very competitive. As education costs have risen over the last few years, we have maintained some of the lowest rates in the country without sacrificing the quality of education.

Tuition & Fees 2016 - 2017

Full-Time Annual Tuition & Fee Rates (Fall/Spring Semesters)

Resident  Minnesota Reciprocity  Nonresident 
$14,501 $21,623 $32,487

Full-time costs are based on a first-year full-time schedule of 32 credits and include all tuition and fees for the academic year. The first year curriculum consists of 32 credits, 16 per semester for fall and spring semesters.

Flex-Time (Part-Time) Annual Tuition & Fees (Fall/Spring Semesters)

Resident  Minnesota Resident  Nonresident 
$10,900 $12,609 $22,891

Flex-time costs are based on eight credit hours per semester (16 credits per year) plus required semester fees. Costs may vary depending on number of credits taken each semester.

Summer Semester Tuition & Fees

Summer semester tuition and fees apply to the Study Abroad Program in China and Externships. The costs are calculated based on the hourly rate per credit hour and applicable fees listed below.

Cost per Semester/Credit Hour

Resident Full-time (flat rate per semester [fall/spring only]) $5,401.85
Resident Flex-time (per credit hour) $450.17
Minnesota reciprocity (flat rate per semester [fall/spring only]) $9,006
Minnesota Flex-time (per credit hour) $600.40
Nonresident Full-time (flat rate per semester [fall/spring only]) $14,494.85
Nonresident Flex-time (per credit hour) $1,199.58

Full-time is 12-18 credit hours and billed on a flat rate. Flex-time and summer courses are billed on a per credit hour basis.


Law School Specific Fee (flat rate per semester for all students) $1,154.25
General Activity Fee (per credit hour) $43.40 (resident & non-resident)