The University of South Dakota McKusick Law Library Public Services Department provides an email reference service at This service is available to all University of South Dakota McKusick Law Library patrons.

This service is limited to factual questions (i.e. does the library have a certain item in its collection? What does a specific abbreviation stand for?) and simple ready reference questions (i.e. how should I begin researching bankruptcy law? Do these information providers allow access to any European Union law databases?). If your research involves more detailed questions please visit or call our Circulation/Reference Desk to speak with a reference librarian at 605-677-3930.

The Reference Department will attempt to answer all questions promptly. A response can generally be expected within two business days excluding holidays and university closings. Responses times will not normally be sufficient to meet information needs regarding on-going, in-class activities. Further students must not attempt to obtain assistance from the reference staff via email reference for in-class assignments without the express permission of the instructor or professor.

Reference librarians cannot interpret or explain the law to you or advise you about laws that may apply to your specific situation because doing so may constitute the rendition of legal advice and/or the unauthorized practice of law. Similarly, the librarians are unable to provide an opinion regarding what form should be used in a specific situation or assistance in completing such forms.

The Law Library uses an online tool to track reference statistics, prepare reference reports and as a mechanism to help create a knowledge base of reference questions and answers. Questions submitted via email reference will be included in the online records; however, personal data information is generally deleted from such entries.