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Studying and investigating human health and disease.

After Graduation

Our students have gone on to work in the following areas:

Potential Careers  Recent Employers 
Toxicologist  Harvard Medical School 
Doctor  Mayo Clinic 
Epidemiologist  Johns Hopkins Medical School 
Patent Law Advisor  Temple University Center for Substance Abuse Research 
Laboratory Technician Merck and Co. 
Professor  Sanford Research 

More Information

  • XJ Wang, Ph.D., is lecturing and co-chairing a symposium entitled “Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-Like Proteins in Cardiovascular Physiology and Disease” for the Experimental Biology meeting in Chicago from April 22-26, 2017. He is also invited to give a lecture on protein degradation in heart failure at the 36th annual conference of the North American Section of the International Society of Heart Research in New Orleans, Louisiana from May 30-June 2, 2017.

  • The National Institutes of Health has given funding to XJ Wang, Ph.D., for a new R01 grant entitled “The NRF2-p62 Axis in the Crosstalk between Proteasomal and Lysosomal Degradation.” Wang’s other two active R01 grants investigate the inadequate coupling between ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation in proteotoxicity and the COP9 signalosome in controlling cardiomyocyte fate.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Doug Martin (Professor, BBS) who was awarded an R01 grant from NIH to study "Cardiac sympathetic afferent reflex control of venous function".

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