The Community Advisory Council (CAC) provides input, guidance and feedback to shape the Center for Disabilities' activities and products, ensuring what we do is responsive to the needs and interests of people and communities across South Dakota. CAC members are instrumental in reviewing our products and approving our annual and five-year plans.

The CAC meets quarterly, twice in -person and twice by telephone or videoconferencing. Information and resources are shared on a regular basis and there are ongoing opportunities to contribute and be involved.

Current CAC Members

Julie Briggs
Monica Burgess
Rebecca Cain
Sarah Carter
Burdette Clifford
Lyle Cook
Patrick Derrick
Rod Domke
Carrol Forsch
Brenda Frevik
Peggy Gallipo
Brett Glirbas
Samatha Griebel
Kyle Hegge

Dan Lusk
Linda Muise
Tim Neyhart
Dan Rounds
Joyce Parry
Shelly Pfaff
Arlene Poncelet
Tom Scheinost
Matt Simet
Derek Smith
Paula Souhrada
Nate Spotted Owl
Jason Vaverka
Elizabeth Warner
Eric Weiss
Tana Zwart