The following are organizations and services that can provide help on life transitions for people with disabilities:

  • Independent Living Choices (ILC)

Independent Living Choices educates and assists people with disabilities in daily activities. Visit its website for more information on services and programs.

  • National Gateway to Self-Determination (NGSD)

NGSD helps individuals with disabilities improve their quality of life and increase their self-determination. For more information, visit its website.

  • National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT)

The NTACT aims to prepare people with disabilities to be successful in post-secondary education and the workplace through transition planning and other strategies. Find out more by visiting its website.

  • Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities

Quality Trust empowers people with disabilities to problem solve, identify learning opportunities and find make the most of their abilities. Learn more about Quality Trust on its website.

  • South Dakota Department of Education (SDDOE)

SDDOE offers assistance to people with disabilities as they make important life decisions like planning for college or succeeding in the workplace. Visit its website or call Melissa Flor at (605) 773- 3678 for more information.

  • South Dakota Department of Human Services (SDDHS)

SDDHS provides a list of resources for people with disabilities and their families, including information about adult foster care, family support programs and community support providers. Visit its website for more details.

  • South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services

The Division of Rehabilitation Services assists people with disabilities in developing financial self-sufficiency, establishing independence and finding and keeping employment. Its website provides contact information for offices covering each county in South Dakota.

  • South Dakota Parent Connection (SDPC)

SDPC offers workshops, online and print information and connections with other families to parents of people with disabilities. To find out more, call 1(800) 640-4553 or visit the website.

  • The Arc Center for Future Planning

The Arc assists people with disabilities in making plans for the future, including decisions about independent living, benefit eligibility and community connections. Visit the website for more details.

  • Transition Services Liaison Project (TSLP)

TSLP offers resources to people with disabilities as they transition to adulthood. These opportunities include a paid work experience program, information booklets about becoming an adult and a youth leadership forum. Visit TSLP's website for more details.