Our mission is to provide evidence-based simulation and clinical training opportunities to advance the translation of education and knowledge into clinical practice. We offer a safe and engaging learning environment that complements the existing educational curriculum for USD medical students, residents, health professions students and faculty.


Our vision is to advance clinical skills, patient safety, health care effectiveness and communication through the use of interprofessional teamwork, innovative technology and immersive training methods.

What Users Say About the Center

  • “It was very realistic compared to other experiences. As close to the real thing as I have seen.”
    Surgery OB/GYN Training Day
  • “Was great to have some hands on practice, I definitely think it will help cement educational concepts”
    Surgery OB/GYN Training Day
  • ”I believe that it was better than my previous experiences. This felt more realistic and had a lot of small group training time. The hands on experiences with the debriefing was especially helpful.”
    Pediatric Boot Camp
  • “This [learning] far surpassed anything I have had thus far in my training. I wish we had simulation once a month or at least once per unit.”
    Physician Assistant Student Learning Pre-Arrest Conditions
  • “This was the most comprehensive learning experience I have had in my medical education.”
    Pediatric Boot Camp
  • “This training was and will be very beneficial to my communication skills and confidence during interactions with patients and other professionals.”
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Event
  • “These simulation centers are very helpful and are very realistic. I have not experienced this type of training prior to residency and think it is great!”
    Internal Medicine Megacodes
  • “The Parry center staff and program continues to impress me. I have had some of the best experiences in my short career in this Sim Center. Very good teaching, great staff who are always helpful and very adept teachers.”
    Internal Medicine Megacodes
  • “I learn things better by applying information, so being able to apply ACLS from the classroom to a patient helps a lot.”
    Internal Medicine Megacodes
  • “This was a great experience. I appreciate this exercise as it not only helped with practicing skills in a very lifelike simulation but helped with confidence as well.”
    Internal Medicine Megacode
  • “I felt that I learned more in a way that was efficient and I am more likely to remember than other learning environments.”
    Pediatric Mock Codes
  • “The simulation was similar to others that I have done both here and at other facilities. It is really useful to have this experience to practice procedures and scenarios we see infrequently and that are generally high stress and important to know the skills well. Thus you are given a chance to learn the important objectives without having as high stakes as you do in a real life scenario.”
    Pediatric Boot Camp
  • “I really enjoyed practicing CPR on the SimMan3G™ because I never knew that I had to push that hard during CPR! Great experience today!”
    Intro to Clinical Medicine