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The Missouri River Institute (MRI) seeks to increase interest in and knowledge about the Missouri River and its basin. The work of the MRI focuses on both the natural and cultural resources of the river. In this regard, the MRI seeks to develop and promote activities related to river issues in the areas of research, education and public outreach.

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  • Missouri River Institute

    Fifty-nine miles of the Missouri River, skirting the southern border of South Dakota, are among the last remaining natural stretches of America’s longest river. The Missouri River Institute was created at the University of South Dakota to celebrate the history of the great river, study its resources and help the public appreciate all it has to offer.

  • To help University of South Dakota students gain a better understanding of how earth science and sustainability issues impacts their daily lives, faculty across the Vermillion campus will incorporate science and social issues related to the Missouri River into their classes next year.

  • Birds

    The flood of 2011 flooded many of the woodland habitats along the Missouri River for more than 3 months, with potential impacts on woodland vegetation and woodland birds. 

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