2016 Research Symposium: Thursday, April 7

Our annual Research Symposium is held in the spring of each year. This is an event where academic and environmental experts discuss the science and future of the Missouri River. All presentations are free and open to the public.

Symposium Presentations

2016 Research Symposium: Thursday, April 7
Al Neuharth Media Center Conference Room

Time Speaker Title
9:00 Eric Sazama (USD Biology) Presence and distribution of Wolbachia in the Missouri National Recreational River
9:20 Jeff Wesner and Jerry Warmbold (USD Biology) Fish reduce algae and insect emergence by > 90% in a Missouri River backwater
9:40 Balaranjan Selvaratnam and Ranjit Koodali (USD Chemistry) Advanced oxidation processes for remediation of aqueous pollutants
10:00 Meghann Jarchow (USD Biology) Using the Missouri River for place-based sustainability education and research
10:20 BREAK
10:40 Lisa Yager (National Park Service – MNRR) Management of NPS properties along the Missouri National Recreational River
11:00 Gerald Mestl (Missouri River Program Manager, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission) Why are our pallid sturgeon skinny and can we do anything about it?
1:00 Carrie Elliott (USGS, Columbia, MO) What does the bed of the Missouri River look like?
1:20 Ron Zelt (USGS, Nebraska Water Science Center) Suitability of reservoir delta sediment as proppant, Lewis and Clark Lake, Nebraska-South Dakota
1:50 Mark Sweeney (USD Earth Sciences) Origin of sediment in the Lewis and Clark Lake Delta
2:20 Jillian Farkas and Jake Kerby (USD Biology) The Effect of Agricultural Runoff on Fish in the Prairie Pothole Region
2:40 BREAK
3:00 David Swanson (USD Biology) Bird use of Missouri River riparian forests for migratory stopover
3:30 Mark Dixon (USD Biology) Cottonwood forests and birds along the Missouri River: Current trends and future prospects
4:00 - Capstone Talk W. Carter Johnson (SDSU Natural Resources Management) Prospects for Recovering Lewis and Clark's River

Past Keynote Speakers

Michael Lawson
"Dammed Indians: The Continuing History of the Pick-Sloan Plan and the Missouri River Sioux"

Wayne Nelson-Stastny
"Looking into the Future for Missouri River Management"

Dr. Dennis Todey
"Impacts of Regional Climate Change on the Missouri River"

Tom Mullen
"Rivers of Change"

Dr. Richard Sparks
"The Costs and Benefits of Naturalizing Large, Regulated Rivers"

Dr. W. Raymond Wood
"Prologue to Lewis & Clark: The Mackay-Evans Expedition"