Faculty and staff at the University of South Dakota invite you to see what USD research has to offer your business. Key USD research areas include materials chemistry, physics, and neuroscience. USD’s biomedical engineering department is performing cutting edge research in tissue regeneration, medical devices, and antimicrobial materials. Our chemistry department works with collaborators across the state on photovoltaics research. Germanium crystal growth and underground lab experiments accent USD physics research. Innovative Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) research affecting veterans and the effects of stress on the brain are just part of the collaborative efforts in USD’s neurobehavioral science arena. Unique collaboration opportunities are available with a number of departments including the Native American studies department and the National Music Museum, which is located on the campus of USD. Other areas of expertise include rural medicine, social work, political science and education.

USD Expertise and Equipment

Contact the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (orsp@usd.edu) for inquiries regarding specific areas of expertise and available research equipment and facilities.

Available Technologies

  • Antimicrobial Materials
    • Antimicrobial Textiles
    • Polymers and Coatings (Licensed)
  • Advanced Materials Production
    • Germanium Crystal Growth
    • Carbon Fiber- Reinforced Polymer
  • Preventative Medicine
    • Chimeric Influenza Vaccine
  • Dental Innovations
    • Antifungal Dentures
    • Remineralization and Desensitization
  • Medical Devices
    • Ascorbic Acid-Eluding Medical Devices
    • Drug Loading Method for PGS
    • Drug-Coated Balloon Catheters
  • Nanomaterials and Security Inks   SDSMT
    • Printing with Upconverting Nanoparticles
    • Aerosol-Jet Printable Optically Variable Ink
    • Upconverting Nanoparticle Ink Reader Apparatus
  • Metal-Organic Super Containers and their applications
    • MOSCs
    • Ion Sensors using MOSCs
  • Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics
    • Flourinated Aromatics
    • Electron-Deficient Fluorous Porphyrins

Resource Contact

The USD Technology Transfer Office can assist you and your business in finding the research and collaborative resources at USD to fit your specific needs. From expertise, proposal collaborations and available technologies, USD has what you need to be successful. Please contact the Technology Transfer Office by email at TTO@usd.edu or by phone at 605-677-6229 with any questions you might have.